Dawn is a SUPERSTAR without equivocation.

“I am remiss in that I should have provided my comments much earlier but in any event they are still germane and her talents cannot be ignored. Dawn is a SUPERSTAR without equivocation. In brief, my home in Florida was on the market for approximately 9 months. During that time, I received no offers which I blame on poor guidance/performance from my first agent. I had seen ‘For Sale’ signs in the subdivision with her name and had, in fact, interviewed her initially for my listing. Big mistake on my part! After the first agents’ contract expired, I again asked Dawn to come and talk to me about my listing. After hearing my near and long term objectives, she laid out a professional sales plan that was both sensible and realistic. I think what impressed me the most was that she had a SYSTEM for advertising, tracking potential buyers and using all relevant real estate databases for contacting even more potential buyers based on their profile. Her knowledge of the local area, skill in networking with other agents and dynamic work ethic all culminated in the sale of my home within 1 month after signing our agreement. She is a WINNER! P.S. I hope you read this Dawn. /r”

Richard Wery
December 4th, 2017